Advancing Naturopathic Medicine for Wisconsin

Advancing Naturopathic Medicine for Wisconsin

Conference Topics & Speakers

The 5R Program by Bill Shaddle

It’s not an exaggeration to say that our digestive system is the foundation of health. Diet provides the energy and building blocks for everything required for life. And our ability to extract nutrients from the food we eat, absorb and process those nutrients, and lastly to eliminate metabolic waste is dependent upon a healthy GI tract and properly functioning digestive process.
Functional approaches to resolving digestive complaints centers on what is known as the 5R Program, addressing the most common sources of dysfunction. This presentation will provide you with specific steps, protocols, tools and resources to help you assess, treat and monitor this critically important function that is so frequently the source of adverse symptoms and lost productivity.
Bill Shaddle has been involved in helping doctors understand and apply nutrition as a therapeutic tool for nearly 40 years. Starting as a sales representative in the Midwest, he has managed sales teams, product lines, divisions and companies in the nutritional sciences  eld. Bill has developed expertise in taking complex nutritional topics and explaining them in clear and easy to understand ways, which has given him the opportunity to speak to doctors, pharmacists and practitioners throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico and Australia. He has developed workshops and training programs on dozens of different health and nutritional topics and is co-author of the acclaimed Nutrition Masters Course series. Bill is currently the Senior Director of Strategic Development for Metagenics, Inc. where he uses his background and knowledge to help translate Metagenics’ science into practical application for the healthcare practitioner.


Reach Your Peak by Troy Aupperle

Troy will discuss the five main principles of enzymes as well as introduce you to a proprietary combination of enzymes and herbal extracts, that has been shown to dramatically increase both the digestion and absorption of proteins that are critical in maintaining peak performance.

Troy Aupperle is the founder and President of Enzymology Research Center, Inc. based in Central Minnesota.  Troy has had to learn how to overcome a few obstacles.  Born with liver and lung complications that developed into asthma and bronchitis he was told not to participate in sports.  He went on to become an endurance runner and compete in over a hundred footraces.  The highlight of his running career was winning the “Death March” (50 miles across the Grand Canyon and back in less than 24 hours).   Troy also fulfilled a dream of bicycling solo across America.  In 1992, he rode from Astoria, Oregon to Virginia Beach, Virginia in 55 days.   After fifteen years of “learning the ropes” and climbing hundreds of technical routes, Troy garnered enough confidence to attempt climbing the highest peak on every continent (The 7 Summits).  

In less than four years his goal was accomplished with the ascent of Mt. Everest on May 22, 2009 and was admitted into the 7 Summits Club.  In 2012 he finished all 54 mountains in Colorado over 14,000’ and joined the Colorado Club.  In 2014 he was welcomed into the Highpointers Club after completing the highest peak in each of the 50 states.  During his twenty-five years of traveling the globe and pushing hard he has never experienced any illness or injury.  He credits his superior state of health and well-being to the amazing power of enzymes.


The Bitter Taste Revolution: Enhancing Health through Flavor by Lorinda Sorensen

The modern diet has lost its diversity, especially when it comes to incorporating bitter flavors into the Western diet. Our palate has changed, and with it, health. While bitters have been used in herbal and naturopathic medicine for years to improve digestion, modern research reveals bitter compounds are associated with the improvement of other organs and systems. We will review recent literature on bitter taste receptors, and compounds, for improvement of the endocrine system by incretins, and respiratory systems and asthma. Bitter botanical herbs and constituents will be discussed in detail, including treatment options.

Dr. Lorinda Sorensen is an associate professor at National University of Health Sciences, where she teaches many classes but focuses on endocrinology and botanical medicine. Dr. Sorensen attended Bastyr University, where she received both her doctor of Naturopathic medicine (ND) degree and a Master's of Science in Acupuncture (MSAc). She has practiced in Washington state, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and New Zealand, where she was a consultant for the health products industry and in naturopathic education. She is a founding board member of the Endocrinology Association of Naturopathic Physicians, as well as on the board and several committees of the Illinois Association of Naturopathic Physicians.


Lifestyle Medicine the Biological Basis for Prevention of Cardiometabolic Disease by Jonathan Cannizzo

The purpose of this talk will be to review the biological mechanisms associated with lifestyle medicine and how they help prevent Cardiovascular Disease and Type 2 Diabetes. We will exam the current government guidelines and discuss the challenges associated with them while reviewing a modernized, functional approach to programming and prevention. The talk will review in depth biochemical mechanisms associated with diet, exercise and targeted nutritional therapies and how to implement them into practice.

Jonathan has worked as an exercise physiologist and dietician, helping prescribe and develop lifestyle medicine programs at both Advocate Health Care and Cenegenics Chicago. He earned his Masters of Science in Cell Biology and Biochemistry with a focus on chronic disease prevention from Northeastern Illinois University and his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from the University of Central Oklahoma. As a graduate assistant at Northeastern, Jonathan was the primary author of chapter 6, Cancer, in the text, Diet, Exercise and Chronic Disease: The Biological Basis Behind Prevention. Jonathan is currently the CM Vitals Brand Manager at the Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center.


Jim Snider, Founder and President of Neuro Explosion, Madison

As the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Wisconsin Badgers, Jim has spent the past 8 seasons as the Men’s and Women’s Hockey Strength and Conditioning Coach. Jim has coached Olympians, Stanley Cup winners, Hobey Baker and Patty Kazmaier winners, National Champions, NHL veterans, NHL rookies and National Level Olympic Weightlifters. Snider spends his off-season preparing NHL and AHL players for their demanding upcoming seasons.

Jim is a member of several organizations including the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCC), and USA Weightlifting. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA, Level II Senior Coach through USA Weightlifting, and also a certified and active referee through USA Weightlifting. Jim is also BioSignature Level II certified as well as a licensed massage therapist specializing in therapeutic Eastern massage techniques.

Jim is an active speaker for many local and international conferences speaking on a wide variety of topics including Dryland Training for Hockey, Speed Development and Sports Supplementation.